Works in Progress

Next up in the queue:

GEEKDOM: Jacqui Parker is a genius. Ask anyone. That’s what everyone will say. They won’t tell you that she is kind and compassionate. They won’t tell you that she is tortured by her brilliant mind. They won’t tell you that her pink hair is a plea for people to see her as something other than the smartest person they know. They will tell you that she is a genius.

When Jacqueline Elizabeth Parker came screaming into the world, 7 pounds 8 ounces of her parents’ joy, no one knew what life had in store for her. Her mother and father held her proudly and promised that they would love her forever, protect her, and give her a happy home. People should never make promises they cannot keep – especially to children.

Murder in the Marsh (first in a series of Book Club Murder books): A familiar body is found floating in the marsh and just about everyone in town seems to be a suspect. When Mary, the Book Club maven, finds herself smack in the middle of the detective's crosshairs, she knows that she needs to work fast to find out what really happened or spend the rest of her life in prison.

I Know It All: A baby is born in the Midwest and soon is surprising everyone with his intelligence and abilities. He doesn't talk much, but when he does speak, his words are insightful and far beyond his years. Is he just precocious or is it something more?

Jane Doe: Jane is excited to have landed a job at a New York City publishing house after graduating from a small Maine college. She packs her suitcase and takes the bus to New York only to have her life turned upside down when she arrives. She finds herself at the center of an FBI investigation that goes far beyond New York. Little does she know that she has been cleverly groomed to unwittingly be the focus of this investigation.

Do As I Do, Not Just As I Say: In this tongue-in-cheek parenting book, parents are reminded that their little darlings are sponges, absorbing everything they see and hear. Being a good role model is as important as teaching the Golden Rule. Remember: your children are following your lead.

No Regrets: This is a story of a mother-daughter relationship as the daughter faces a divorce and the mother faces the end of her life. Grief takes many forms, but the mother and daughter share much laughter and joy as they help each other on their personal journeys.