About Me

Hi there! First off, I am the proud mom of two amazing young men. They are my reason for living. Lucky for them (and for me) they both have incredible young women by their sides. I also am the happy "Mom" to a nine-year-old labradoodle who is my beach-walking companion and best buddy in my small coastal town in Maine.

As most authors say, I've been writing most of my life. My mom often told me of how I would sit at the table and write before I even knew how to put the letters together. I would tell her that they were my stories and when she asked what they said, apparently I would rattle off stories to her.

Before you wonder if what I write is autobiographical, of course it is - every single word. Nah! It's a combination of real-life and imagination, a little wishful thinking and some "wouldn't want that to happen." Occasionally, friends might find their names used but the characters aren't based on their personalities either. They just have cool names.

Publishing Credits:

  • Parenting for High Development: Multiple Articles on Issues Pertaining to Giftedness and to Twice-Exceptionality

  • Gifted Child Quarterly: Articles on Parenting Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children

  • National Association for Gifted Children's Parent and Community Newsletters: Editor and Frequent Author

  • Literary Journal Reflections at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Portland, Maine: Short Story entitled "The Perfect Gift"

  • Fort Bend Magazine: Essay on Note Writing

  • Woman's World: "Happy Birthday to Me"

All through the years, I have been writing fiction for my own enjoyment. Looking through my files recently, I walked down Memory Lane remembering writing Women's Fiction, Mystery, Crime Fiction, an Espionage-Thriller, Essays, Short Stories, and Editorials. Most of these were never finished, but the kernels are there - 2 - 200 pages each, completed and waiting for me to return to them.

A couple of years ago, one of my sons said to me, "Mom? You know how you always taught us to finish what we start?" (I sensed a trap but I jumped right into it.) "How come you don't? You have been writing my entire life and very few of the stories have ever been published." Wow! That was a wake-up call. So, now I'm taking out my work, one at a time, finishing and polishing each page, and seeking representation for publishing. One of the parenting books I started was entitled "Do As I DO, not as I SAY". It's time I lived up to my own advice.

The Most Special People and Places in My Life

Robbie & Leah

Andy, Katie, and Duke

My Coastal Maine

My Mom and My Best Buddy, Oreo