Faraway Love is a great read for a book club! Discussion questions are even provided at the end of the book. The book clubs that have read it so far have had lively discussions. If you would like me to attend your book club discussion, just contact me and we'll see what we can schedule.

Faraway Love

In Faraway Love, Amy, an independent, strong-willed Army brat, meets Charlie, a handsome, athletic “catch”. They have instant chemistry and soon know that they'll be together forever.

But life has other ideas.

Amy has always planned to follow in her Brigadier General father’s footsteps to the successful career she's watched him build. Charlie has always known that he will follow his own father to the prestigious law firm he founded in Boston many years ago.

Charlie is everything Amy never knew she wanted, and she can’t imagine a life without him. She is forced to make a decision that changes the course of both of their lives. Sometimes, she rationalizes, a decision made – whether right or wrong – is easier to live with than making no decision at all.

Amy and Charlie remain true to each other as Amy’s decisions tear them apart and bring them back together time and time again. Charlie loves her and is willing to endure long absences, knowing that theirs is a love worth waiting for.

But even Charlie may realize that sometimes Faraway Love just isn’t enough.

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